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Transformation in 2024!

Updated: Jan 18

What does that mean to you? In what ways would you like to transform?

I want to share a little about my own journey of transformation and tell you about a free six week class to support you in yours!


This photo was taken in Greece at a waterfalls that were accessible only through a hike on a relatively unchartered path.  The water was crystal clear, ice cold, with sprays of water cascading down a very tall cliff. I love this photo of me because it represents so many things: Unbridled joy, connection with nature, spirituality, being in love, and the transformational process in which I was immersed!  My journey of desires started with a tantric retreat in Feb 2022, and continued with Women's Sacred Roots retreat in May 2023 hosted by Jody of So Many Women, So Little Time. The retreat was led by renowned Greek archeologist, Dimitra (click here for details on the next retreat) and was truly transformational! Imagine visiting ancient sites with other women who love women, learning about Greek Goddesses, not from an intellectual place, but from an embodied approach. Talk about powerful! 

When I returned from Greece, after extending my stay for an extra 3 weeks at the invitation of a woman with whom I had fallen in love (and continue to be in love with), my therapist was so impressed at the transformation that had happened that she suggested I write a book about it. That was all the encouragement I needed, as I had that idea in my head but had not yet dared to speak it out loud. So stay tuned for that.

But here's the dark side of being totally, madly, completely in love with someone our therapist calls "the perfect imago match": It's intensely passionate! In good ways and in tumultuous ways. Our trauma responses match perfectly with each other. Why am I telling you all this? Because it's been a HUGE source of growth for me. I'm learning new things about triggers, something I've studied for years. And our year long relationship program, Love Essentials, will be upgraded yet again. I've never delivered the same workshop twice! As I learn, as my co-facilitator Aimee learns, we integrate it into our work.


Self Love 💕 & Compassion:

FREE 6 Week Masterclass 

Learning to love yourself and have self-compassion is foundational for a strong, healthy love relationship.

You might be thinking "Why do I keep making the same mistakes? What’s wrong with me?" Perhaps you're feeling unworthy, unlovable, undeserving. Or have low self-esteem, feel disempowered. Maybe you're not taking very good care of yourself, and don't even realize what self care looks like. Does any of this sound familiar?

For the third year in a row, we are offering Self Love & Compassion FREE. And we're having it at a time to accommodate East Coast, West Coast time zones as well as European time zones. Our goal is to go international this year!

We realize that Self Love is the foundation of any healthy, loving relationship and our new years wish for all of you is that you have an abundance of healthy, loving relationships in your life, and we want to help with that. Our polls reflect that over half of us feel unlovable, unworthy or undeserving. That's tragic, but not a surprise, and it doesn't need to stay that way. Whether it's a traumatic childhood, the negative messages we've received as an adult, the impact of a bad relationship, or just our own internalized stuff from a culture that does not see women as equals, but as subservient to men, that should "put others first" and "serve." Not to mention that as humans, our brains are wired for threat, for what's wrong, for what's not working. Then add in the marginalization that happens with lesbians, trans women, nonbinary AFAB, and other queer identifications, and well, it's the perfect storm.  

So there's a lot to overcome here! Please join me, Cynthia Way, Master Certified Coach, and Aimee Shapiro, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, for a six week masterclass to learn how to overcome this and literally rewire your brain! You can access this class in our Conscious Community on Mighty Networks Platform by clicking here.


If you're serious about having soul-fulfilling, deeply satisfying relationships, this year-long program is for you!  Consisting of 6 modules of 6 weeks each, we address the building blocks of strong, healthy relationships. We create an intimate space of trust, safety and community, with different Reflection Partners every week to check in with.

What an opportunity to have meaningful conversations and be on the same journey with like-minded women who have the same goal as you! This series is not only for singles though, but for anyone who wants to up-level their relationship skills.

  1. Self Love & Compassion:  This is where it all starts!  This first module is free, no obligation.  Try it and see if our approach resonates with you.

  2. Releasing & Moving On:  Let's face it--we all carry emotional baggage of some kind. You'll learn how to reduce it to a carry on and come to peace with the past.

  3. Your Dream Life:  What do you want in your life and in your love relationships?  Leveraging neuroscience principles, you will explore your heart's desires and how to manifest them. 

  4. Healthy Love:  Have you sometimes wondered what does a healthy relationship even look like?  You'll learn about boundaries, attachment styles, red flags (not what you think) and the dreaded drama triangle and how to escape it.

  5. Let's Talk About It:  These words can instill fear!  Learn key skills for navigating difficult conversations and communication skills that will strengthen your everyday relationship.

  6. Living With Passion:  How do you prevent yourself and your relationships from getting in a rut?  How do you keep that joie de vivre?  

Ready to make the plunge? Click here for fees and more info.  

Hesitant? Come to the free Self Love & Compassion class and see how you like it.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  You might even find a wife--just ask Jen & Terry!!  

Joy of Touch Series  

If you've been reading my newsletters, you know about my mission to bring sensual touch to the community of women who love women. I mean, who wrote the rule that we can only have sensual touch when we're in a committed relationship? That's how we end up with people we don't have any business being with, or the alternative, being touch deprived!  But I digress :-).  

We celebrated the last of a five event series led by myself and Red Rose.  We were so moved by people's testimonials about how much the series changed their lives. This isn't just about touch. This isn't just about consent. This is about stepping into your full power. Being in tune with your inner desires and having the courage to ask for what you want--not just at the events but in your life! One person remarked that they learned not to automatically perceive new people they meet as threats. That they gained confidence that they could take care of themselves in other, more relational ways. That they were empowered to say No and exercise self care. Talk about transformation! Here's a pic from one of our events (with consent from all pictured). 


Of course, we still have our regular FREE virtual events:  

  • Singles Salon:  1st Sunday of every month

  • Movie Night:  2nd Sunday of every month

  • Get To Know You Salon:  3rd Sunday of every month

  • Women of a Certain Age (WOCA): monthly (on hold pending a new host).  

  • Self Love & Compassion:  6 Week Masterclass--normally $250, now free! This is Module 1 of Love Essentials, a 6 Module, year long program. 

At Les Ladies, we believe that:

1. Creating a community of women*is key. One that feels safe and one that encourages you to be all of who you can be.

2. Everyone can learn how to find, create and maintain deeply satisfying, healthy, soul-expansive, loving relationships.

3. It all starts with self-awareness and self-love

4. Personal commitment and the support of other amazing women accelerates your growth and development.

5. We're all in this together!

*to include trans women and nonbinary AFAB.


How do I stay in the know on what's going on with the Les Ladies Conscious Community!! Maybe you aren't getting notifications. Maybe you don't know when these events are happening, and maybe you don't even know how to check your messages in the network or even know what network to check.  

Here's are 4 easy steps to make sure you are in the know!  

1. JOIN the Les Ladies Conscious Community.  Although some of you may belong to the Les Ladies Meetup, the more robust private network that I encourage you to join is the Les Ladies Conscious Community, based on a Mighty Networks platform. 

2. TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS.  Make sure they're turned on in Mighty Networks. You can choose whether you want a daily digest or notifications as they occur.  Click Here for a visual step by step.

3. SAFELIST with your internet provider.  Internet providers tend to turn the notifications off believe it or not! To prevent this from happening, please "safelist" emails (notice it's not but For more info on how to do that, please go here.  

4. DOWNLOAD Mighty Networks App on your phone. This makes it easier to get notifications. Be sure to turn on notifications in your phone's settings.


With Love 💕 💗 and Affection,


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