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You feel like a friend. You have incredible depth of knowledge but your persona is very approachable, very easy.  Your demeanor is that you felt like one of the group, as opposed to someone behind a podium handing us your wisdom.  No intimidation, no sense of
having to live up to a certain level of involvement.  Very free to be ourselves.  No shame, no blame.  Just like the SMART goals, your approach gets inside the way a conversation with a friend does.

Lez Luv, lesbian, relationship, Lesladies


Lez Luv, lesbian, relationship, Lesladies

Cynthia Way, Founder & CEO

Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Cynthia’s passion is working with the lesbian/bi/queer/trans population with the following two goals: 1) to transform our limiting beliefs about sensual touch and sexuality and 2) to experience soul-fulfilling relationships.  She offers a virtual year-long relationship intensive grounded in neuroscience and scientific research, emotional intelligence, spiritual principles, and various relationship and therapeutic modalities. 


Since 2001, Cynthia has had her own coach/facilitator/training business called Way To Go! Inc. During Covid, she launched Les Ladies LLC (now d/b/a Lez Luv). Cynthia also offers in-person tantra workshops and retreats.

Cynthia integrates all her skills and training to help queer women/adjacent nonbinary people have better relationships, deal with conflict, manifest their goals and dreams, release past resentments, align with their passion and purpose, all in service of creating and maintaining healthy, loving, soul-fulfilling relationships. 

Cynthia identifies as lesbian, pansexual and queer and uses the pronouns she/her. 

Lez Luv, lesbian, relationship, Lesladies

More About Cynthia.....

  • Master Certified Coach (MCC), the highest level of credentialing one can achieve with the International Coaching Federation

  • Tao Tantric Arts teacher training

  • Sacred Femininity Facilitator Certification (Pending)

  • Studied with Mama Gena (GPS & Pleasure Bootcamp)

  • Priestess Activation & Tantra with Monique Darling of Everyday Tantra

  • MS in Learning and Development from Revans University, England

  • Social Therapy Certification from East Side Institute in NYC

  • Social Action Research Certification by Willamette University

  • Co-Active Professional Coach Certification (CPCC), The Coaches Training Institute

  • Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching, Center for Right Relationship

  • Foundations of NeuroLeadership Certification, NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI)

  • Brain-Based Facilitator and Results Systems Coaching by the NLI

  • CCEUs in Positive Neuroplasticity by Rick Hanson, a mindfulness leader

  • Positive Intelligence (PQ) certification training

  • Appreciative Inquiry with David Cooperrider & Diane Whitney

  • Various assessments such as the EQi (Emotional Intelligence Assessment), Meyers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI), Enneagram

Aimee Shapiro, Associate

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Aimee Shapiro is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 10 of experience doing counseling with individuals, couples and families.  She has extensive experience in working with trauma, including physical, emotional and sexual trauma, domestic violence, and combat trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, relationship issues,  self esteem , body image, grief and loss, communication and boundaries.  Before she was a psychotherapist, Aimee also trained and worked as a massage therapist.  Aimee brings her belief in the connection between body, mind, spirit and emotions to all of the work she does.  Aimee supports each client with compassion and respect, creating a safe space where each is able to express, to grow, to feel empowered, and to take actions to move themselves forward on their own unique journey.

Lez Luv, lesbian, relationship, Lesladies

Aimee identifies as bisexual and heteroflexible.  Aimee uses the pronouns she/her/hers.

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