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The mission of Lez Luv is to create a conscious community of women and adjacent nonbinary people who love the same,* joined together in love, laughter and learning, to be the most amazing version of themselves and have deeply satisfying relationships.

*cis, trans, queer, lesbian, pansexual, bisexual, etc.

The Path to Soul-Fulfilling Relationships

Learn how to truly have long lasting, heart thumping, emotionally satisfying relationships. This year-long program is transformational, experiential, grounded in scientific research and evidence-based methods.


The Lez Luv Conscious Community is a free private virtual network designed for women and adjacent nonbinary people  who love the same who are on the path of self-awareness and personal development to find, connect and learn together so that we are all uplifted and supported to grow and experience more fun, happiness and love.


One way we do this is by offering virtual Salons - a chance for women and adjacent nonbinary people to meet one another in a more intimate virtual setting by having multiple small breakout groups throughout the evening with conversation starter questions. We take polls so that you get a sense of "who's in the room" and what others  are thinking and feeling. The Salons are free.


Another way we do this is by offering LOVE ESSENTIALS, a year long virtual program, consisting of six modules that lasts six weeks each. These programs are available to couples or singles who want to up their relationship game. These modules do not need to be taken in order.


Here's how a participant described our approach:

 "You feel like a friend. You have incredible depth of knowledge but your persona is very approachable, very easy.  Your demeanor is that you felt like one of the group, as opposed to someone behind a podium handing us your wisdom.  No intimidation, no sense of having to live up to a certain level of involvement.  Very free to be ourselves.  No shame, no blame.  Just like the SMART goals, your approach gets inside the way a conversation with a friend does."


We believe that:

Creating a community of peolpe is key.  One that feels safe and one that encourages you to be all of who you can be.

Everyone can learn how to find, create and maintain deeply satisfying, healthy, loving relationships.

It all starts with self-awareness and self-love, a foundation to our LOVE ESSENTIALS program.

Personal commitment and the support of other amazing people accelerates your growth and development.

We're all in this together!


Lez Luv, lesbian, relationship, Lesladies
Lez Luv, lesbian, relationship, Lesladies
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