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Consent and the Cuddle Puddle Pajamarama

You wanted some in person events in the DC/MD/VA area, and we heard you! There are lots of great meetups in the area doing fantastic things, so we wanted to do something different. Welcome to Les Ladies first ever Cuddle Puddle Pajamarama.

Goddess knows we’ve all been touch-deprived during Covid! So we’re having a Cuddle Puddle Pajamarama! That means pajamas on, no sex.

Here’s what you need to know, especially if you’ve never been: It’s all about consent! You don’t have to do ANYTHING you don’t want to do. You can come and just watch the whole night. Observing is participating. You can choose who you want to cuddle with and who you don’t.

Can you relate to the following scenarios?

  1. Not being asked before being touched, whether sexually or even an unwanted hug.

  2. You weren’t really into something, but you didn’t feel comfortable saying no. Maybe you were afraid to hurt their feelings. Maybe you didn’t feel you had a right to say no. Maybe you felt obligated in some way.

  3. You weren’t sure, but said yes and later regretted it, but felt trapped because you said yes.

  4. You said yes, and meant yes when you said it, but halfway into it realized it’s not what you wanted but felt you had no choice but to continue since after all, you consented.

Well, we want to liberate you from this scenarios! At this Cuddle Puddle Pajamarama, you will learn how to ask for what you want. You will learn how to say no. You will learn that a maybe is a no. You will learn how to go for the “Hell, Yes!” After all, we all deserve to have people engage with us who are a Hell Yes!

The facilitators are committed to create a *safe space* where you get to explore your vulnerability, your curiosity about other women, and the edges of your comfort zone.

This is a powerfully-led container where you can choose to meet the parts of you that you may believe are too much or not enough.

This event welcomes all those who identify as female (whether cisgender, transgender) and nonbinary AFAB.

We begin with Opening Circle, Introductions, and Rules of Consent.

Next, your facilitators will lead the group through what consent means (and what it doesn’t mean), and engage you in short exercises to practice consensual sensual touch. And you can opt out of any exercise. Observing is participating!

Then we’ll work our way into cuddles, whether in pairs, or groups.

The goal of Cuddling is safe, comfortable, grounding intimacy, i.e. a nurturing experience to share appreciation, respect, love and kindness through touch and closeness. A full body hug!

We’ll do this by introducing boundaries and the welcoming intro to touch, discussing types of grounding touch, with platonic, playful, and gentle contact to areas given consent. This practice creates a playful and mindful experience between multiple people, ensuring no boundaries are pushed or crossed. After learning this simple form of communication, and intention for/with touch, we will go into a gentle intro physical contact with hands, feet, legs, body positions, power of chakra alignment, pillow placement, arm placement, leg placement, full squish and intimate eye contact (optional) which when learned can be applied to other intimate experiences.

After time spent learning and practicing the fun and intimate closeness of cuddling in couples, and/or groups, a very fun, and engaging cuddle connection will be available to participate in. We will engage in the simple yet nurturing position of lying on our backs, placing our head on someone else’s belly and having someone’s head placed on yours. You become a happily willing pillow for someone and they get to do the same in return for someone else. This will create a full group connection and bonding experience that will allow the participants to practice cuddle etiquette and create a position to gently hold and care for each other, through closeness of the sacral and solar plexus chakra, and the crown chakra, with hair massage, scratching, scalp massage, etc. Who doesn’t like their hair played with and massaged!

DOORS OPEN at 6:30 pm, DOORS LOCK at 7:00pm (Cuddle Puddle Begins)


· Your beautiful self

· An open mind

· Wear PJs or other comfortable clothing. "Private parts" must be covered.

· Reusable water bottle


· Fresh flowers

· Healthy snacks and non-alcoholic beverages


Love Exchange Sliding Scale: $22, 33 or $44/person, whichever you can afford. Venmo @LesLadies

NOTE: We do not yet have a desired venue. If we can't find one, Cynthia will host in her home, in which case attendance will be limited to 15 people. This event is cross posted. When you RSVP, you will be contacted directly to confirm your attendance and given further details, including payment instructions. If you know of a great comfortable space, please let Cynthia know!

Same day negative covid test required.

About your Facilitators:

Cynthia Way, Master Certified Coach

Cynthia’s passion and purpose is to connect others with their passion and purpose. She discovered Temple Parties with Monique Darling in Feb of 2022, and received a powerful message during that retreat that her healing is through pleasure. Since then, she’s been on a path of pleasure! By way of background, Cynthia is a Master Certified Coach and founder of a successful coaching business (Way To Go! Inc.). In addition, Cynthia is the founder of the Les Ladies Conscious Community, a free private network, designed for women who love women (lesbian, bi, queer, cis, trans, nonbinary AFAB) who are on the path of self-awareness and personal development to find, connect and learn together so that we are all uplifted and supported to grow and experience more fun, happiness and love. Cynthia is the co-creator and co-facilitator of a year-long program called Love Essentials. Please join her at Or check out the website at

Rudari “Red” Rose, Certified Massage and Cuddle Therapist

Rudari’s passion is to connect and transform others through Intuitive bodywork, mindful somatic exploration, and the practice of healing touch. Through her work as a Certified and Licensed Massage and Cuddle Therapist she connects people with their mind, body, spirit, emotional energy and power. Her holistic healer’s journey was inspired by her natural intuitive observation of lack of positive touch stemming from adolescence. Through this deep awareness she realized she was able to offer calm, soothe stressful situations, inspire, connect, empower and overall heal others on a deep spiritual level, as well as give much needed nurturing. She has spent her life exploring, practicing and creating safe sacred spaces to grow with others. Her focus of transformational work and empowerment has birthed Touches of Kindness. She believes it is everyone’s right to receive unconditional love through the magic of touch with affordable holistic and natural care. Rudari’s dream is to provide a healing center where multiple practices, knowledge and wisdom can be shared by all. You’ll find out more to explore at

Of course, we still have our FREE virtual events:

  • Book Club: We host a monthly book club. This month, we will do a study group for Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott.

  • Singles Salon: 1st Sunday of every month, Feb 5

  • Movie Night: 2nd Sunday of every month, Feb 12

  • Get To Know You Salon: 3rd Sunday of every month, Feb 19. This month we will be showcasing your talents!

  • Women of a Certain Age (WOCA): monthly, next one Feb 16.

  • Self Love & Compassion: 6 Week Masterclass--normally $198, now free! This is Module 1 of Love Essentials, a 6 Module, year long program.


We're doing something special this month for the Get To Know You Salon. We have many talented women out there! We want to see your talents. Is it poetry? A song? A dance? Or a show and tell of your artwork? Please come, whether you plan to perform or not.

This month, we're turning our book of the month into a study group! Join us as we explore the philosophy and exercises in the book Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott. 4 Thursdays, 8-9 pm EST, 5-8 PST, 7-8 Central.

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