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Creating Conscious Community

There is nothing comparable to being on a journey of self reflection with like-minded women to forge deep friendships, even romances. In fact, I met two of my closest friends 30 years ago when we were all on a personal growth journey together.

Les Ladies is pleased to announce a soft launch of the Les Ladies Conscious Community, a virtual online community for women who love women who are committed to being the best version of themselves, so you can find each other, engage, connect, learn and support one another. It's like having a private Facebook platform, but even better!

Graduates of my masterclass, Self Love & Compassion, have continued meeting as various support groups. One of them recently wrote to me and said "These friendships have been a great blessing in a crazy year, and we are so grateful to you for bringing us together." Two relationships that I know of have happened as a result of being in the masterclasses together. I realized there is a need here, and I'm committed to meeting it!

One of the features of this new online conscious community will be a weekly "Ask a Coach" hour, where anyone can join my Zoom and get coaching, support or feedback. Maybe you're having relationship challenges. Maybe you're frustrated because dating isn't going the way you want it to. Or maybe you just have the blahs. Whatever it is, come and ask me.

I am a master certified coach, it's what I do as my "day job" and I'm excited to bring my experience to this community.

We will also have weekly live events, questions, polls, and discussion topics, all designed for women to connect with one another and engage in meaningful conversation. Please join me for this event, where I can not only explain it to you, but take you on a tour of the virtual platform so you can see for yourself.

I'm offering a free 30 day trial to anyone who comes to the meetup. I'm interested in hearing what you want from such a virtual community in this meeting, and then getting feedback on your experience during the 30 days (thus the soft launch). I'm also offering deeply discounted "founding member" pricing.

To comment on this blog or to see past blogs, go to the Les Ladies website.

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