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2022 Events

We're on the home stretch of 2022! What a year. And how refreshing that in-person events are happening more and more.

In a recent poll, we discovered that most of you rely on email and that many of you don't even know what events Les Ladies is offering, so we'll be sending out a monthly summary of what's happening.

Here's a short list of FREE upcoming virtual events:

  • Book Club: 1st Thursday of each month, Dec 1. We're reading The Empress of Salt & Fortune

  • Singles Salon: 1st Sunday of every month, Dec 4

  • Movie Night: 2nd Sunday of every month, Dec 11

  • Get To Know You Salon: 3rd Sunday of every month, Nov 20 & Dec 18.

  • Women of a Certain Age (WOCA): monthly, next one Nov 17 and Dec 15.

  • Self Love & Compassion: 6 Week Masterclass--normally $198, now free! This is Module 1 of Love Essentials, a 6 Module, year long program.

And for those in DC/MD/VA, we are starting to host live events. Please see our upcoming event this Friday Nov 18, The Haunted Boy: A Rock Opera based on the Exorcist in Mt. Rainier, MD.

There are 17 of us in Let's Talk About It, the 5th module in the Love Essentials series. Most of the group has been there from the start! The bonds that have formed are deep, the conversations vulnerable, powerful and meaningful. You too can have this experience. Join us in the free 6 week Self Love & Compassion class starting on January 11, Wed, 7:30-9 pm ET, 4:30-6 pm PT. Self Love & Compassion is the first module in the Love Essentials series.


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