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The Story of Jen & Terry

If you still need convinced that Self Love is where it all begins, then listen to this story of Jen & Terry. Jen and Terry were reflection partners a year ago at the Self Love masterclass and fell in love.

Terry's motivation for signing up for the class was this: I have acquired an ability to recognize when I’m in a difficult place. Your program was this great big directional sign saying "Here I am, this is where you need to go." To be honest, I don’t do things quickly, I usually do a lot of processing. And I'm not much of a group person. But I didn’t hesitate to sign up.

Jen had realized that her inability to love herself just as she was had kept her from fully accepting or understanding her late husband's unconditional love. She had just reached the point where it was more important to her to be seen as who she was than to worry about how others saw her. She was just beginning to find the grace to accept herself, and she took the class to help guide her farther along this road.

Jen & Terry called me recently, excited to announce their engagement and to save the wedding date. The first Les Ladies wedding! They had this to say: We only lived two miles away. But we wouldn't have even met had it not been for Les Ladies. Your class gave us a natural and safe space to come together. By creating that safe space, we all were willing to be vulnerable with each other, and that took us beyond the general surface level discussion that's so hard to get past.

Their takeaways from the class?

  • It allowed me to hold a mirror up and to see myself in the positive way you all saw me, rather than the negative view I had of myself.

  • It was interesting, because I felt better almost right away. Being part of a community. Not just that we were taking a class together and had individual goals, but also a collective goal to understand ourselves, to take care of ourselves, to value ourselves, that we have value, worth, goodness and positivity.

  • I found the courage to be seen as myself and to see fully the others in the class, to be open both to love and being loved.

  • While I can't promise that you will find true love, as Terry & Jen did, I can promise that there is a high likelihood that you will fall more in love with yourself! And when you do that, you attract others like you into your life.

Whether you are single or coupled, Self Love & Compassion will provide a safe space to face your fears, to learn, to experiment, to change the narrative, to share and be heard in a nonjudgmental space. Join a group of women just like you - women who love women - where you're seen, supported and loved by others.

Where are you on your journey of self love?

Come to the free Intro on Wednesday at 7:30 pm eastern, 4:30 pm pacific, 6:30 pm central, where you will experience the richness of being in community and creating a safe environment firsthand.

In joy and learning,


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