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Erotica & Conscious Community (We're Moving to FB)

It's not too late! Imagine spending your Sunday night hearing original erotic poetry, watching a burlesque dance and a sexy yoga dance, seeing a short video highlighting beautiful art that celebrates the female figure and the goddess within, or hearing an original erotic story.

Or imagine watching Kati Bird, a Shibari artist/goddess, do a live demo of the beautifully aesthetic Japanese art of rope. This will be followed by a Q&A where you can ask her anything you want about this practice. The photo is actually from a scene she did.

Now further imagine that after each performance, instead of clapping, we moan!  You will hear a chorus of "ohhhh, that was sooo good. Ohhh yeah, baby.  I loooooved that!" This is the atmosphere at the 6th Erotica Extravaganza where East Meets West. Lez Luv is partnering with our West Coast meetup, So Many Women So Little Time (great name right?) once again to bring this delightful event to the comfort of your own home.

There are 2 ways to register:

This event is a fundraiser--50% of the funds raised by Lez Luv will go to the DC Center, an LGBTQIA+ organization in the DC Area and the other half will go to defraying the costs of running Lez Luv. So Many Women So Little Time will donate their proceeds to a local Orange County charity. If you perform, the $20 registration fee is waived. Either way, $20 is a bargain and it helps support all the free events we give, as well as donate to a local nonprofit--a win all around!


Lez Luv Conscious Community is moving (virtually)!  

We will be closing our Mighty Networks site in a few days (the URL was When I opened this platform during Covid, I had a vision that it would provide a safe private forum for women to meet one another. That it would facilitate conscious community. 

What I've learned is that people don't adapt readily to new technology and platforms. I look at the engagement that is going on right now with the new Facebook group associated with Conscious Girlfriend Academy, and that is a great example of what I had hoped to create here. An engaged, vibrant group having meaningful, thought-provoking interactions.

What I realize is that we can create that in Lez Luv on our Facebook Group, that Mighty Networks just isn't the right platform for that. Plus Facebook is free. Mighty Networks cost me almost $1,000 each year, an amount I was willing to invest to manifest a vibrant network. It's time to bring that experiment to a close! We can create our vibrant network using familiar platforms that people are already using, i.e. Facebook and Meetup.  

The most wonderful thing about that experiment is that I've met so many amazing people in the process, and I look forward to staying connected with all of you, even more so in an easier to use platform. If you aren't already, please join the Lez Luv private Facebook group and the Lez Luv Meetup.

The Self Love & Compassion Module will continue to be free, available on demand. You can find this on our website, Please also be sure to go here to sign up for our newsletter. 

As always, our events will be posted on our meetup: 

Please everyone, join our private Facebook Group,


At Lez Luv, we believe that:

1. Creating a community of like-minded people is key.  One that feels safe and one that encourages you to be all of who you can be.

2. Everyone can learn how to find, create and maintain deeply satisfying, healthy, soul-expansive, loving relationships.

3. It all starts with self-awareness and self-love

4. Personal commitment and the support of other amazing beings accelerates your growth and development.

5. We're all in this together!

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