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Love Essentials Living Your Dream Life

Ready to start living the life of your dreams?

Did you know that being on a journey with others like you actually accelerates your growth and development?

We have a masterclass of 16 amazing women who are soon graduating from Releasing & Moving On, and moving on to the next masterclass, Living Your Dream Life. One woman said that she had the most powerful therapy session of her life as a result of the first class alone!

Lucky for you that we are not yet at our max of 30, so what that means is that there is a slot open just for you!

Our next masterclass is Living Your Dream Life and starts Wed, May 18, 7:30-9 pm eastern. If you want to sign up for all the masterclasses in the Love Essentials program, you can do that. If you want to subscribe for the next 8 months, starting with Living Your Dream Life, you can do that. If it's not working out for you, just cancel your subscription.

Either way, you can have free access to our Self Love & Compassion masterclass. That's right--6 weeks of live recordings, slides, worksheets--all yours for the taking! Become your own Beloved! And get a taste of what Love Essentials is all about.

Do you know what you want in your life and in your love relationship?

In Living Your Dream Life, we promote unbounded exploration of what your heart is yearning to create in your life. We engage in the creative process of visualizing your most authentic beautiful life, without being bound by self-imposed limits, or by what you think is possible at this moment or being constrained by past experiences. We take inventory on your current reality, integrate what you’ve learned from the past, clarify what you want in your future and support each other to take action to live the life of your dreams.

We explore the neuroscience of habit and manifestation and learn tools to make it easier for your brain.

One graduate told us recently that she looked at her vision board and realized everything had come true! The power of intention. This could be you!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu. Whether you are single or in a relationship, this masterclass will ignite you to create the life and love of your dreams.

Love Essentials: 6 Masterclasses, 6 weeks each, with 2-3 weeks rest in between each series. We will spend an entire year giving you key essentials for having fulfilling, soul-enriching, loving relationships (romantic and otherwise).

We're picky!! We only want to work with women who are absolutely committed to building loving, conscious relationships. The program is limited to 30 women.

What makes Love Essentials different?

1. Co-Facilitated by a Master Certified Coach and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

2. Weekly Reflection Partners

3. A committed conscious community to inspire and support you

4. The latest in theory that is grounded in practice

5. Changing the way you think to get different results

a. Creating action plans for making the changes you want to see

b. Giving you tools and models that you can use on your own

c. Slides and worksheets for future use

6. Recordings and relevant info all in one place

7. Private chat feature to reach all class participants

8. Other events in the Les Ladies community for socializing and fun

9. Ability to easily send private messages to one another

10. Every offering is the BEST offering thus far (refreshed, upgraded to reflect latest learning)


Not only will you learn more about yourself and how to overcome limited beliefs and negative habits of thinking, you will go through an intensive program with other women JUST LIKE YOU who are also on the journey of self-awareness and personal transformation.

At Les Ladies, we believe that:

  • Creating a community of women is key. One that feels safe and one that encourages you to be all of who you can be.

  • Everyone can learn how to find, create and maintain deeply satisfying, healthy, soul-expansive, loving relationships.

  • It all starts with self-awareness and self-love.

  • Personal commitment and the support of other amazing women accelerates your growth and development.

We're all in this together!

YES! I'm ready to commit to 2022 being my year for gaining relationship mastery. Sign me up now!!

Wednesdays 7:30-9 pm eastern, 4:30-6 pm pacific. The next masterclass, Living Your Dream Life, starts on May 18.

I want to take advantage of the free, on demand, Self Love & Compassion Masterclass.

  • If you're already part of the private network, click here.

  • If you're not already part of the free private network, please join us by clicking here.

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