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The Evolution of Les Ladies.

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Hi there!  It's Cynthia and I'd like to tell you more about Les Ladies: how it started and how it's evolved (and evolving).

A little history on Les Ladies.  I started doing Singles Mingles with the Fabulous Lesbians 40+ (FABS40+) Meetup during Covid as a way to keep my sanity and to also meet other single women.  I have tremendous gratitude to Amy Wilson who so graciously opens the doors for women in the community to host events with her meetup.  The Singles Mingles were popular, and Amy realized she didn't want FABS40+ becoming a singles meetup, so she encouraged me to start my own singles meetup, thus Les Ladies was born.  At first, it was all Singles Mingles, which are now known as Singles Salons.  But an idea started taking shape.  I realized that I LOVED working with the lesbian/bi/queer/trans community and realized that this is a population that I wanted to work with more. For the past 19 years, I've had my own coach/facilitator/trainer business called Way To Go! Inc.  This year, during Covid, I launched Les Ladies, LLC, not knowing where it would take me, but that's how all my new adventures start.  With a risk, with a leap of faith into the unknown.  Recently this has become more clear--I can take all the skills and training that I've used to help leaders in organizations  have better relationships, deal with conflict, manifest their goals and dreams, plus all the personal development training I've had over the last 35 years, and roll it all together to help women who love women have healthy, loving relationships.  Thus the graph below:

Les Ladies offers a How-To Guide on Healthy Loving Relationships for Women Who Love Women (lesbian, bi, queer, trans, etc).

So one way Les Ladies supports women who love women to create and maintain healthy, loving relationships is by offering Singles Salons.  A second way we do this is by offering 25 weeks of masterclasses on "How-To Guide to Healthy, Loving Relationships," each of the 5 Masterclasses being 5 weeks each.  This series is for single or coupled women. I've given two rounds of masterclasses on Moving On With a Carry On, in fact, just finished the second round this week.  I'm so grateful for all the women who put their trust in me and especially Amanda who asked for this class to begin with.  After the first round, my friend Aimee Shapiro who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, joined me in these offerings, and has added a whole other layer of richness. While delivering Moving On With a Carry On (now called Shedding Your Emotional Baggage), one of the insights many of the women had is that the person they needed to forgive was themselves.  So Self Love & Compassion was born!  And from that, the whole masterclass series came together.  Thanks to the women who helped me figure this out along the way--Wen, Jude, Amy W, Asher, Amy B, Tonie, Yolanda, Barbara, Amanda, and to anyone who's come to one of my events or stayed on my calls to help me brainstorm about future ideas.I hope to continue to see you in the community that we are creating.  And I know as the community evolves, as I evolve, that Les Ladies, too, will continue to evolve.  If you've made it to here, thank you for taking the time to read this!

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