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Self Love & Compassion


Learning to love yourself and have self-compassion is a key foundation for a strong, healthy love relationship. • You might be thinking "Why do I keep making the same mistakes? What’s wrong with me?" • Perhaps you're feeling unworthy, unlovable, undeserving. Or have low self-esteem, feel disempowered. • Maybe you're not taking very good care of yourself, and don't even realize what that looks like. Does any of this sound familiar? Well you're in good company. 2/3 of the people in Lez Luv surveyed relate to this! Whether it's a bad childhood, the negative messages we've received as an adult, the impact of a bad relationship, or just our own internalized stuff from a culture that does not see women-adjacent/nonbinary people (let alone lesbians) as equals, but as subservient to men, that should "put others first" and "serve." Not to mention that our brains are wired for threat, for what's wrong, for what's not working. So there's a lot to overcome here! In this program, you will rewrite your narrative, the story you tell yourself. We will show you how to challenge the negative self-talk and increase the positive self-talk, and BELIEVE it! You will learn about overcoming limiting beliefs. You will identify your strengths and how to build on them. You will learn about healthy self-care strategies. You will learn to own your inner "phenomenal woman" (See Maya Angelou poem duly titled).

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